What’s it like to travel with an Introvert

This letter serves as an open letter for those people I’ve traveled with and for my future travel buddies.

“Kahit ano” (Whatever is fine)

The Hanging Coffins in Sagada. Photo credit goes to PinoyAdventurista

Please excuse me if I’m not always involved in organizing or planning an excursion. Chances are, I tend to go with the flow than navigate through the currents of where to go and what to visit. Although I myself have preferences, the chances of me fighting to include it in the itinerary is extremely low (depending if I get to visit the site again or if the site, in question, is in my bucket-list) Please don’t take my ‘Whatever is fine’ or shrugs or a simple nod as hints of indifference or boredom. We’re not moody, sometimes we are just caught off guard and our minds are in somewhere else. If I don’t want to go in a place at a certain moment, I would tell you the reason why.

“Seenzoning the Group Chats” 

I don’t know if I can speak for fellow Introverts but I tend to lazy around before the big trip. By this I mean you cannot expect me to reply on your texts about travel itineraries or hotel updates and basically not attending other social activities there is. My friends would often complain about this and many times they thought I wouldn’t be coming but eventually, they got used to it. But on the other end, I find it understandably annoying if a friend like me would seem like ‘disappear in the face of the earth’ before the big trip. So I managed to get fight off this habit by replying a short message of confirmation and by simply reiterating: ‘Hey whatever the plan is, I’m going. Just get me out of this urban jungle.’

“I can handle extreme activities too!”

50-foot drop in Malapascua, Cebu. Photo courtesy of Andrew (Random Trippings)

When it comes to fun and thrill, people need not consider the person’s attitude. Some introverts find extremely thrilling activities as fun and some extroverts don’t, vice-versa. When you plan a trip with a group of friends, don’t leave out the extreme thrills the place has to offer. If you have the budget and the means to go there, just do it, regardless of who you are with. Real companions are people who enjoy watching you having fun.

“There will be silence…long ones actually”

Patapat viaduct going to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. Photo courtesy of BiyaherongBarat

I don’t know about you but I dread the long ride going to a certain place. When it’s a group thing, I don’t have any problem, but I’ve traveled so many times now with one person or two. My mode of travel is this: companion talks for a long time — listen — insert a quip or a witty comment every now and then — companion talks for a long time — and so on. We don’t mind if you do the talking all the time. I don’t always engage in a long conversation unless it’s serious. I have trouble starting small talks and idle chatter, especially with people I’ve just met (oh how I detest the act!) My best friend happens to be an introvert like me and we traveled quite often, just her and I. We don’talk but we don’t have uncomfortable silence either. It’s the kind of atmosphere wherein you don’t need words to bond, but just the simple knowledge that wherever you’re heading, someone’s going with you and it’s gonna be lots of fun!

“Please don’t mind us if we stare blankly into space for too long”

Chances are, we are savoring the sight and view in ways we cannot express through words (sometimes) But if we do speak, please don’t mind how we repeatedly gush how beautiful or romantic the place is.

“If it’s a beach party or bar-hopping, expect us to be late…or don’t expect us to arrive at all” 

Boracay night life. Photo courtesy of ourawesomeplanet

It’s not like we don’t enjoy drinking or all kinds of party stuff. It’s just that we need our daily social tolerance to re-charge itself after a long hard day under the sun. It could be in the form of naps, some alone-time musings in the beach or at the view deck of the hotel, or logging in our social accounts at the end of the day. You can’t expect us to jump from one recreation after another. Sometimes, we just need a little bit of alone-time, and then we’ll be your partner in whatever ‘trouble’ you may want to put yourself into 😉

“If we can have it our way, we prefer the off-beaten path”

Sabtang Island, Batanes. © Owen Ballesteros / www.two2travel.com
Chavayan Village, Sabtang, Batanes. Photo courtesy of Owen Ballesteros

Sometimes, we just simply want to avoid large crowds and congested roads. We’re more attracted to the idea of virgin beaches and underrated sites….and especially, traveling off-season.

“We will enjoy a week-long or even a month-long travel!” 


Just allow us to spend night times in our own 🙂

I can’t speak for all the introverts out there since people do not necessarily to be classified solely in both extremes, but some (like me) tend to manifest introvert traits when I’m with people all the time. We’re not difficult to please but you have to understand that we enjoy experiences, such as traveling, in our own way. Our idea of making the best out of the place is simply basking in the knowledge that we’re here and nothing in this world can ever replace the wonderful experience of being here. It is during these moments our hearts and minds sing the loudest but we don’t always feel the speak out loud the words just to capture the feeling.

We may not look like it but chances are, we are having fun! We really appreciate you inviting us. And next time, if you’re planning that next big trip, please don’t forget to invite us 🙂 We’d love to travel with you once again.

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