The fun of getting lost

The purpose of Wandering is to give you an intimate glimpse of a new surrounding, and help you banish your fear of getting lost in a strange place. You might wonder where Travelers, photographers, and backpackers get their keen instinct to navigate out of a place on their own. It’s because instead of getting worried over getting lost, they enjoy the experience of getting lost. They took the opportunity to observe a place in a different light. It’s the kind of calm enjoyment Wandering aims to bring.

Wandering is my way of exploring a new place, especially when I travel outside Manila (it’s difficult to go Wandering on the busy congested Metro. You either get bruised, stepped on, pushed, tackled by busy commuters and lose your coin purse to pickpockets who had taken advantage of your reflective state) You can go Wander on residential homes or suburban areas away from the smoke of the city and general chaos.

Just that you’re Wandering doesn’t mean you throw all your caution and be a complete nitwit. You have to be aware of your surroundings too. It’s not the activity’s fault if you get kidnapped or have fallen into an open manhole or get yourself in danger. Part of the challenge is bringing out your Spidey Instinct, and it doesn’t include venturing on a dark creepy alley or talking to suspicious-looking people. (Wandering dictates you to dump all your worries, NOT your common sense)

Just to be clear, here’s the rules for a more enjoyable Wandering

1. No maps allowed. No asking of directions allowed. Your instinct is your GPS.

2. Wandering at morning is preferable. You can also jog and wander at the same time. Wandering at Night is strongly not recommended (Duh!)

3. Wandering is more enjoyable by foot. Of course, if you’re rich enough to spare a few liters of gasoline just to get lost in an area, why not?

4. You can go solo or bring two more friends with you (if they’re as enthusiastic with you as getting their feet sore) Wandering in large crowd may slightly remove the ”reflection” factor. Walking your dog in a new place is also a form of Wandering, if you don’t mind the smell, that is)

5. Wear slippers or comfortable footwear because it’s going to be a long, long walk (depends on your sense of direction) Bring an umbrella as protection from the sun or unexpected drizzles. Bring only a few necessary stuffs with you.

6. Do NOT talk to strangers. This rule applies to all situations of your life.  If you can’t find your way home or you’re tired of WANDERING aimlessly after many hours, find a man on a uniform or respectable-looking people (owners of commercial establishments, etc) to get you back on the familiar roads.

7. Enjoy the adventure. Take pictures if you want. Do a video diary and upload it online. Share your experience. Share your discoveries 🙂 it’s the purpose of Wandering after all: Seeing a place on a new light and letting your friends see the same view.

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