Some Year-End Musings

Kindly allow me to join the bandwagon of netizens self-analyzing and self-assessing themselves at the last day of 2015. I mean, it’s better than writing on a crummy list of New Year’s Resolutions that never found themselves beyond the paper.

I don’t consider 2015 as the best or worst year for me. In fact, I don’t consider a year as a bad or a good year. 2015 started out as horrible in a sense that I didn’t get the scholarship I want and I’m basically back to Ground Zero of what I ought to do in my life, but the last few months are filled with wonderful experiences and learning that I couldn’t simply count it as a ‘bad year’ for me.

I developed a strange sense of calmness and peace of mind in this year. I found myself as more patient than I had been before, and I don’t stress on things too much. Just like in climbing a mountain, I learned to find my own pace and not force myself to catch up on others just because. On the other hand, I learned to focus my energy and time on things that matter, including people. I learned to be more forgiving, especially to myself.

I already have a clear focus on what I’m going to be in the coming years. What I really need to focus on is getting there. 

Hopefully, when I welcome 2017, after all the miscalculations and wrong turns, unexpected storms and devastating waves, I can finally say that I’m on my way. 



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