My Internship for Rappler

And this is how I spent my summer of 2012……..Interning for! For those who are unfamiliar, is a rising social news network operated by veteran journalists and reporters who came from different networks. I think Rappler is pretty revolutionary in its own, and I was glad that even for just a little time, I became part of their team. This is my re-telling. 

Each gift is uniquely delightful in its own special way but what Rappler wrapped up for me is an entirely different present altogether; something you can take it with you wherever you go, whoever you meet, whatever you do.

Before my fateful internship for Rappler, I was basically spending the whole summer in a silent monologue with myself if I am really that capable of being a journalist, or in essence, a writer.I never doubt my love for writing, which had been with me as long as I can remember. It’s how I live up to it that I was very concerned about. Writing is a craft that I longed to use to transform other peoples’ lives, and had been one of my biggest frustrations ever since.

All that changed when my blockmate recommended me to be part of the internship program. I confessed that I took it to escape from boredom brought upon by the summer air of restlessness, but little do I know that Rappler has something big in store for me.

Chronicling the experience

First week is all about research, research and RESEARCH. Other tasks include transcribing, tabulating, data-mapping, and believe it or not, adding sums for incomplete data entries. This may not sound promising but the experience taught me a lot. One, patience is not only a virtue, or a policy. It’s an art. Two, a good soundbyte for a 20 minute transcription is worth the wait and exhaustion. Three, government websites are the most colourful corners in the net, complete with cute text animations and flashy display of colors. I would be happier if some of them could be updated though.

Just me and Chay Holifena and Maria Ressa. Nothing really special. Oh and did I mention I’m with Chay Holifena and Maria Ressa?

During the 2nd week, I had my first profile article. It was a great experience for me; I got to meet new people at different kinds of places and just talk to them casually. I never felt the duty of having to get important information from them for my story. As long as you listen earnestly for their say like an enraptured kid for a bedtime story, you get into somewhere. One lesson I learned: People are not what they seem. Just like a lake, you wouldn’t know how deep they are just by staring them then judging them right away.

3rd week is where I finally had the chance to cover events and media invitations. Here I met all kinds of people working on the same industry, writers, bloggers, editors and some VIPs here and there. I learned to do things I never thought I can do before. True, my guts were tested and I have to squeeze every bit of street smarts I have to get a story but I felt in every coverage, every invitation, step by step I was moving away from my comfort zone to get somewhere.

My first junket trip in Bataan is the highlight of my internship days. After this, I realized what I really want to see in myself after five to ten years. I want to travel to places, experience all different things each culture of this world to offer. Best of all, I want to write about it, to share it to others and show them the beauty that mostly goes unnoticed, especially that of our country.

The last two weeks were as eventful as they go; I never even realized that the summer is ending and I need to go back to school. Gone was the bummed out, burned out old me; replaced by someone who is more confident in her reporting and writing skills. More confident in her ability to not only handle conflicts in schedules or priorities but also within herself.

What Rappler taught me

My days in Rappler are all wrapped up into one thing: Whatever you do, as tough and challenging and impossible they may be, if it is to serve the people with truth and perspective, it’s very well worth it. I realized that this is really the true essence of journalism which Rappler just elevated in a wholly different level, but the purpose remains the same. I am grateful to Rappler for reminding me that even a small and ordinary pebble like me can cause huge waves of change if I put all my heart into what I do.

And it’s one gift I shall keep for the rest of my days.

Me and my co-interns chilling out in the office

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  • Hi! How did you applied for Internship? I am a Mass Communication Student and I’m still undecided about my OJT plans this summer. I’m looking forward to your reply! Thank you. 🙂

    • hello! sorry for the late reply.

      You can go to site and check out their internship site there. If you don’t get any confirmation email from them, don’t be disappointed because chances are, your email gets buried with all the press releases and invites they receive each day. So a good way is to flood them 🙂 (don’t worry, they encourage that) Also, follow them on Twitter or Facebook if they are looking for interns at that time of the year. Internship there is through batches and it’s usually a Hunger Games struggle for the slot. The long wait is worth it, though 🙂

      Hope that helps! Good luck in your internship!

  • Hey! Just like to say that I love the insightful post about the Rappler Internship! I’ve always been looking for internships like this and your blogpost has inspired me to find more ways to communicate my words and gain more experience in the media industry! Will be following your blog from now on 😀


    Check out my blog also at

    • Thanks 🙂 Your blog posts are pretty inspiring too. Keep up the good work! If you’re still deliberating over your internship site, Rappler’s a good choice. They really send you on your own at important assignments and provide balanced feedback of your works 🙂

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