About Me

Welcome to my blog!

Hello to all the people of the Earth, my name is Nica from the *gestures in a grand manner like a pageant candidate* Philippiiiiines! I’m based in Manila, known for its beautiful chaos, and I learned to embrace its quirks as part of my own.

I’ve been a casual blogger since 2012 but this year, I’m planning to amp my blogging a bit. In the past, I’ve been using WordPress as the host of my blog: sentimentalfreak.wordpress.com.

Why sentimental traveler? Well, because I’m just full of feels. Really. I’m so emotionally attached to my wanderings, encounters and experiences I have no choice but to write it down.

Most of my stories would be Traveliries or Travels + Diaries (geddit?) I would also be posting some reflections, devotions, observations bordering to political and social, my personal advocacy and anecdotes.

I would love to hear thoughts from other people in this blog. It’ll be great if we can be friends 🙂 Don’t worry, I don’t bite (except if you happen to be a Kitkat bar with arms)

Quick Facts About Me:

At a glance: a geeky twenty-something bespectacled girl with a fashion sense bordering to disaster

I like: Reading, writing, photography, traveling, eating, watching movies (in no particular order)

Pet Peeve/s: People who leave the toilet seat down after they use it.

What I’m doing right now: Working in an unfulfilling job from Monday-Friday, 9.5 hours a day, braving through the Manila traffic and watching my life burn itself into ashes one day at a time.

What do I believe in: I’m a Christian, but I also believe in the Buddhist philosophy of kindness and compassion. Regardless if the Universe upholds its Karmaic Rule, everyone should remember to be kind and that kindness should know no race, gender, sexual orientation nor religious beliefs.